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Vision and Mission


To meet the surrounding communities’ need for allied health workforce by providing quality Allied Health education to a diverse population through dedication to high standards, quality instructional services, a nurturing environment, community alliances, and innovative leadership.


The primary mission of Saint Michael College The primary mission of Saint Michael College of Allied Health (SMCAH) is to provide allied health education to men and women from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Upon completion of the College’s educational programs, the Northern Virginia and District of Columbia communities will be provided with a professional workforce that is qualified and competent to practice in culturally diverse communities and environments.


  • To provide an environment that will enhance and stimulate learning for students.
  • To employ and retain qualified and experienced faculty who meet the State Board of Nursing and Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) criteria to implement a defined program of learning based on stated philosophy, goals and curriculum framework
  • To prepare graduates who are eligible for licensure and are able to practice competently in entry-level positions in a variety of healthcare settings
  • To maintain a high level of successful first time NCLEX test takers so that nursing needs in the community are met in a timely fashion.


  • Integrity: Respect for the dignity, equality, diversity, and potential of self and others in personal and professional interactions.
  • Responsibility: Accountability in personal, professional, community, and fiscal affairs and services provided.
  • Accessibility: Equal opportunity to advance professionally and personally in a clean, safe, stimulating, and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Collaboration: Partnerships among students, faculty, staff, and community to promote open and effective communication, decision-making, and implementation of ideas and processes.
  • Life Long Learning: Facilitation of intellectual and technical growth through a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and appreciation of individual’s experience.