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Health Systems and Hospitals prefer candidates who have prior RN experience when it comes to nursing job opportunities, but just a few are ready to grant it to a recent graduate. In recent years, the nursing industry, in particular, has been plagued by the various crises that we are currently witnessing. Employers are not just searching for RNs with a few years of experience, but jobs are also scarcer than they were previously. Jobs haven’t been opening up at the expected rate since the recession led many older nurses to postpone retirement, making it difficult for new graduates to find employment.

However, new nursing school grads should not be discouraged or depressed. There are various tactics you can employ to get RN experience and set yourself out from the crowd. If you’re a current nursing student, keep these tips in mind and start preparing as soon as possible.

 What Can You Do to Make Yourself Stand Out? Suppose you have a degree but not enough experience as an RN. Here are some options;

1. Volunteer

Volunteering will never earn you any money, but there is a decent probability that it will pay off in the long run. Many jobs want hands-on experience, which can be gained by volunteering in hospitals or other medical facilities. Volunteer work allows you to manage real-life events and gain vital skills if you’re interested in a specific type of nursing. One of the most significant advantages of volunteering is that you will almost certainly meet nurses who can provide guidance and networking opportunities.

2. Prove Your Nursing School Achievements

Take a look back at your school achievements. Were you a part of a large research project that showcased your nursing abilities? Did you ever collaborate with a well-known professor? If you’re working on your nursing degree, now is a fantastic time to get involved in a variety of organizations. Work on a one-of-a-kind nursing project that will definitely help you build your resume in the future.

3. Network

One of the most crucial strategies for seeking an RN career is networking. Furthermore, you can begin even before you graduate. Speaking with previous learners is an excellent approach to network and inform them that you’re looking for jobs.
It’s crucial to understand that networking can take numerous forms. Attend professional fairs and conferences, and keep your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, up to date.

4. Continue your Education

Recent studies have revealed that graduates with registered nursing degrees or higher certifications had a somewhat improved chance of obtaining work. If you already have an associate’s degree, an RN would help you further your career. Are you and RN? It may be time to look into RN programs. If going back to school isn’t a possibility right now, you can master unique skills by enrolling in shorter certificate programs.

5. Is There Anything Else You Can Do?

Employers who are “New Grad-Friendly” can be found. There are medical clinics that are interested in hiring new grads, but it may take some searching. Also, if you find an employer like this but they don’t offer the nurse career you want, keep an open mind. You can still obtain helpful experience that can help you progress in your profession in the future