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What advice would you give to a student interested in becoming a nurse?

Nursing is one of the most rapidly growing sectors with huge professional demand for qualified individuals. Throughout the entire USA, qualified nurses are needed not only for bedside care but also for advocacy, education, leadership roles, and so on.

That’s why SMCAH has pulled together a list of the steps on how to become a nurse


Steps To Becoming A Nurse

Step #1 Choose A Nursing Path

Nursing can take you in so many directions. When thinking about which career path to choose, take into account the type of work environment you prefer.

For example, certified nursing assistants usually work in nursing homes, while RNs can be found in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other types of medical settings.

Step #3 Get Licensed

Once the education is over, you will need to take an exam in order to prove, that is, demonstrate your knowledge and required nursing skills, which means nurses need to be licensed to practice, and prerequisites to licensing are exams.

Step #2 Earn A Degree

Formal education is unquestionably necessary on the path to becoming a registered RN (which stands for registered nurse). Almost each and every role in the nursing field, although there are a couple of exceptions, requires a bachelor’s degree.

Some positions demand advanced degrees, while others can be earned with associate degrees
in nursing.

Step #4 Obtain Employment

Once you are educated and licensed, there is only one single thing left to do – to find a job. Luckily, nursing is one of the most growing fields, expected to grow 15% to 20% by 2029, according to the U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

5 Hints For Future Nursing Students


If you ask any nurse, they will tell you they have some tricks and tips for success on your journey of becoming a nurse. Here are a few golden tips that professors and nurses would agree can help you in achieving your dreams.

Hint #1 Education And Experience Go Hand In Hand

Many nursing students claim they would love to go back in time and get some experience before commencing nursing school. .

Working as a certified emergency medical technician or nursing assistant can help prospective nursing students by allowing them to get the basic knowledge prior to starting the nursing coursework.

Hint #3 Go Beyond Required Literature

The assigned textbooks are supposed to serve only as a starting point. If you really want to succeed, then it is handy to get a pathophysiology book and other appropriate ones to gain a complete understanding of the material.

Hint #2 Never Ever Be Afraid To Ask Questions

You are not alone on your journey to earn a degree; there is an entire community ready to help you succeed. Setting up study groups with your peers to quiz each other is not a bad idea because this way, you can help each other to learn something new or simply discuss the material and questions you would like to ask your professors.
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The Takeaway
There are times when you will think that nursing school is way too hard, but with the right attitude and our help, you can earn a degre